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Silk Scarves dyed with Cochineal

Cochineal dyed silk scarf - Cerise
100% silk scarves hand dyed with Peruvian cochineal in deep pink to pale rose colours. Silk scarves not only keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, but they are very chic, stylish and add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Dye a scarf for yourself & for a friend and wear the magic of pure silk dyed with cochineal next to your skin. And they make a great gift for friends living abroad as they are very light to post.

Click on a photo to see it larger! Read more about cochineal-dyed silk scarves here!

Our silk scarves are now Out of Stock on Cochineal but you can buy them from Traditional Dye Works!

Cerise silk scarf

Cochineal-dyed silk scarf - Cerise


Out of Stock

Old Rose silk scarf

Cochineal-dyed silk scarf - Rose


Out of Stock



Tropical Orchid silk scarf

Cochineal-dyed silk scarf - Tropical Orchid


Out of Stock


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More about Pure Silk Scarves hand-dyed with Natural Dyes

The scarves are made of fine pongee silk (also known as China silk), a plain weave silk with a soft sheen and a great drape. These silk scarves are rectangular and measure approximately 150 cm by 40 cm (59 by 15 inches) in size and have hand-rolled hems.

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Three beautiful pure silk scarves to choose from:

Cerise is a deep and sumptuous reddish pink. It will add a touch of luminous luxury to any outfit. The colour cerise is the bluer colour of cooked cherry, such as cherries in a pie, rather than the colour of fresh cherries, which is described by the redder colour cherry red. Your Cerise silk scarf is dyed with Peruvian cochineal.

Old Rose
An old rose shade, with a hint of lilac. Beauty and class in pure luxurious silk. Your Rose silk scarf is dyed with Peruvian cochineal.

Tropical Orchid
A scarf dyed in gorgeous shades of mauve with splashes of violet. This beautiful combination of colours complement each other perfectly in a sophisticated, eye-catching scarf. Your Tropical Orchid silk scarf is dyed with Peruvian cochineal and natural Mayan indigo.

These beautiful silk scarves have been dyed exclusively for us by Traditional Dye Works.

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