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Our cochineal is produced from whole cochineal bugs imported from the producer in Peru and from the Canary Islands in Spain. The Peruvian Cochineal has a 22.12% carminic acid content.

We hope you enjoy achieving beautiful pinks and reds with a dye used for many hundreds of years.

Canary Cochineal 25g

Canary Islands dried whole Cochineal 25 grams


Canary Cochineal 100g

Canary Islands whole Cochineal 100 g - save 2.25




Cochineal 100 gms

Whole Peruvian Cochineal 100 gram  - save 2



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Safety guidelines

* If you are buying more than 1 Kg of cochineal dye
, please contact us for a quotation on packing and delivery charges. We aim to deliver at cost but delivery charges vary with your location!

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