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Buy whole cochineal insects here

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Buy whole cochineal dye here

Buy cochineal dye extract here

Our cochineal is produced from whole cochineal bugs imported from the producers in Peru and from the Canary Islands in Spain. These are First Quality cochineals and the Peruvian cochineal has a 22.12% carminic acid content.

The cochineal is weighed and packed in polythene grip-seal bags. The bag is then labelled and put in a second grip seal bag for extra protection. The cochineal is placed in a padded envelope or appropriate carton, depending on quantity, and sent to you by Royal Mail or by carrier.

We hope you enjoy achieving beautiful pinks and reds with a dye used for many hundreds of years.

Customer comments:
''Just a note to thank you for sending the cochineal samples so promptly.  As a result filming went smoothly, and you will able to see the presenter Dan Snow using your cochineal to dye wool on the BBC "One Show". John from the University of Leeds

'I just want to say thank you for sending the cochineal so quickly. I was quite desperate for it and will now be able to spend the whole weekend dyeing.' Amanda from the Natural Dye Studio.

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