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Everything you need for dyeing with natural dyes, resources for weaving and spinning and much more.

Wild Colours Natural Dyes

Wild Colours Natural Dyes
Natural dyes from plants & animals - grow and dye with cochineal, indigo,  brazilwood, logwood, woad, weld and madder etc. Buy natural dyes,  natural dye extracts, natural dye kits, Hazel Rose looms and wool for  spinning and dyeing.
Wildcolours natural dyes and dye extracts

Dyeing with Woad

All about Woad
Woad has been a source of natural blue pigment for thousands of years. Buy  woad dye and woad-dyed products, and learn woad dyeing techniques,  history & biology.

Wildpaper Handmade Paper

Wild Paper
Beautiful handmade paper and handmade greeting cards from Wildpaper - Use our  handmade artists paper for gift and present wrapping and for your  crafting and scrapbooking projects, and our handmade computer printer  paper for distinctive notices and greeting cards.
Wildpaper Handmade Paper

Wild Fibres for weaving, spinning and dyeing

Wild Fibres
Wild Fibres for weaving, spinning and dyeing.
Learn about natural fibres from nettles to cashmere - sheep wool, silk &  cotton, flax and hemp: SpinOlution spinning wheels supplier for UK and  Europe - Buy SpinOlution Mach & Echo spinning wheels and Hopper  & Bee travel wheels and Rakestraw spinners.

Teresinha talks on natural dyes & fibres

Teresinha Roberts
Teresinha gives talks on natural dyes and natural fibres and sells natural dyes,  fibres, spinning and weaving equipment, handmade paper and greeting  cards through the Wild Colours group of websites.

Tropical Valentine

Tropical Valentine Cards
Buy a handmade Valentines card for the one you love! Buy a valentine card  for your partner, girl friend or boy friend on Valentines Day or  anniversary of meeting, engagement, wedding or birthday.

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